Blackened Fish Tacos
Fundraise with Paladar

We値l be the first to admit that car washes are bucket-loads of fun. Though, if you池e looking for a more -- shall we say -- delicious way to raise money for your school or nonprofit organization (501c), we can help. All you need to do is enjoy the food at Paladar and we値l donate 20% of your check to your school or organization.

Interested? Details are below.

How does it work?

These events are easy to coordinate and fun and delicious to attend. Here痴 how it works:

1) Together, we値l choose a date that works well for everyone. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the days of the week that are available.

2) We値l whip up a digital flier to help you promote your event. Your job is to share it! We suggest printing a bunch and circulating it by email and on Facebook.

3) When your supporters dine at Paladar on the day of your event, they値l give the flier to their server. We値l donate 20% of all checks associated with your event back to your organization.

A few thinkgs you should know

- We are able to partner with nonprofit schools and 501c organizations that are located within a 7 mile radius of Paladar, are not political in nature and are family friendly.

- We値l ask you to fill out a W-9 form before your fundraiser that way we can get a check out to you in a speedy manner. The form looks a bit scary, but there are only a handful of fields to fill in. You can download it here.

- Most groups that we致e worked with in the past have earned between $200 and $400 on sales of $1,000 to $2,000. And, some even more! We just want to set the proper expectation :)

- Here痴 a PDF that you can download with complete guidelines and tips for a successful fundraiser.

Ready to rock?

Please contact the manager listed below at your Paladar to learn more and schedule a fundraiser:

Annapolis, MD
Katylee Cannon- (410) 897-1022

Cleveland, OH
Courtney Mesick - (216) 896-9020

Hallandale Beach, FL
Emily Flaskerud - (954) 455-0700

Rockville, MD
Chelsea Messick - (301) 816-1100